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What Is Lapping?

What Is Lapping? What Is Lapping? Lapping  is a machining process in which two surfaces are rubbed together with abrasives between them, by hand movement or using a machine. we called those abrasives "lapping plate". According to the material of abrasives, lapping plates divide aluminum oxide lapping plates, cast iron lapping plate, jeweler's rouge lapping plates, optician's rouge lapping plates, emery lapping plates, silicon carbide lapping plates, diamond lapping plates. How to choose the right lapping plates for your lapping machine? In fact, when you buy lapping machine, the supplier will suggest you or provide you right lapping plates with lapping machine. such as Lapmaster Wolters. (we are the supplier of if you are using this brand lapping machine, you find the right place.) When your surface requirement is changing, you may need to replace those lapping plates. if you met any problems in your lapping process, please feel fr