Talking About PCD Inserts Price

PCD Inserts is a competitive business. there is the various price for same type PCD Inserts. price range is about 7 to 20 USD/pcs. for many resellers, they always get about 10 USD/PCS.because they don't want to buy bad quality products and also want to get more profits.

Back to PCD Inserts price, why are there so many different prices?
1. The material is the key. for 7 to 12 USD/PCS, they are using Unknown brand PCD material. for carbide base, they are using recycle resources. as you know, manufacturer need processing for inserts' angle and CNC cutting for basement.there is the precision issue.

For 16 to 20 USD/PCS, those manufacturers are using band PCD material. (Such as E6, DI, Mitsubishi and so on)

If you want to know about PCD inserts price. then you should know "how to make PCD Inserts?"

Of course! price is one of reference.
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What Is Tool Life?

People have many different opinions for tool life definition. for us, tool life is the reference value that how many applications can be processed for one cutting tool. this is not just about the time.
Then you might want to know what tool life can be affected by? 

There are Cutting Heat, friction and cutting resistance. and those three fatal factors are increasing when you start increasing cutting speed. 

Cutting Heat depends on cutting speed, depth of cut, shape and attrition rate of cutting tools. Inefficiently cutting, the chip will take off 80% or 90% cutting heat. 

For cutting speed, In general, the wear rate will increase by 50% if you raise 20% cutting speed. raising 20% feed, wear rate will increase by 20%. Raising 50% depth of cut, wear rate will increase by 20%. 

A coin Has two sides.

In the correct range of parameters, if linear velocity increased, it can decrease plastic deformation and raise cutting heat which can reduce work hardening of the workpiece and low the hardness of…

What Is Lapping?

What Is Lapping? What Is Lapping?

Lapping is a machining process in which two surfaces are rubbed together with abrasives between them, by hand movement or using a machine. we called those abrasives "lapping plate". According to the material of abrasives, lapping plates divide aluminum oxide lapping plates, cast iron lapping plate, jeweler's rouge lapping plates, optician's rouge lapping plates, emery lapping plates, silicon carbide lapping plates, diamond lapping plates.
How to choose the right lapping plates for your lapping machine? In fact, when you buy lapping machine, the supplier will suggest you or provide you right lapping plates with lapping machine. such as Lapmaster Wolters. (we are the supplier of if you are using this brand lapping machine, you find the right place.)
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CCGW 60202 CCG W060204 CCGW 09T304 CCGW 09T308 CCGW 120404 PCD CBN Diamond Cutting Tools

CCGW 60202 CCG W060204 CCGW 09T304 CCGW 09T308 CCGW 120404 PCD CBN diamond cutting tools If you want to know more about diamond cutting tools,please go to our homepage. or send us inquiry via

How To Make Diamond Tools?

How To Make Diamond Tools? Diamond cutting tools is wide used in Aero,Auto and defence many people want to know how to make diamond tools.we will tell you "Slugger PCD Inserts" story.
1.Imported Diamond material from E6 and's plate.
2.Purchase high quality carbide tools. 3.Using WEDM for cutting diamond plate and carbide tools.
4.Using CNC Center processing

5.Using EDM machine for the hole of carbide tools.

6.Using ultrasonic cleaners for carbide tools. 7.Using Dryer for carbide tools 8.Using metal binding agent for diamond plate and carbide tools 9.Using Vacuum welding machine

10.Using Grinding machine for diamond tips. 11.Using Laser machine for OEM Logo

12.Using electron microscope for cutting edge checking
13.Package and delivery

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Superfície Dupla Disco Diamantado Para Lapidação

Superfície Dupla Disco Diamantado Para Lapidação
Superfície Dupla Disco Diamantado Para Lapidação são projetados para ambos os lados para enfrentar a operação de moagem, o que resulta em acabamento de superfície preciso, planicidade e paralelismo em tempo de ciclo mais curto. Os componentes estão localizados em gaiolas e rodam em um movimento planetário entre as duas rodas CBN até a dimensão desejada ser alcançada. Este princípio permite um melhor acabamento superficial e máxima precisão em relação à tolerância dimensional. As Pratinhas de rebarbação de rodas de trituração Vitrified CBN são fornecidas com configurações de grânulos redondos, quadrados ou hexagonais aplicados em rodas de apoio de aço. Características: Alta eficiência de moagem Alta resistência ao desgaste Força de moagem elevada, baixa temperatura de moagem Alta precisão da peça, boa qualidade da superfície e planicidade. Aplicação: Vitrificado CBN: HSS, Rolamento de aço, aço ferramenta, aço inoxidável, metalurgia do pó…

VNGA 432 VNGA220408 Screw On PCD Turning Inserts

VNGA 432 VNGA220408 Screw On PCD Turning Inserts
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