How To Make Diamond Tools?

How To Make Diamond Tools?

Diamond cutting tools is wide used in Aero,Auto and defence many people want to know how to make diamond tools.we will tell you "Slugger PCD Inserts" story.

1.Imported Diamond material from E6 and's plate.

2.Purchase high quality carbide tools.
3.Using WEDM for cutting diamond plate and carbide tools.

4.Using CNC Center processing

5.Using EDM machine for the hole of carbide tools.

6.Using ultrasonic cleaners for carbide tools.
7.Using Dryer for carbide tools
8.Using metal binding agent for diamond plate and carbide tools
9.Using Vacuum welding machine

10.Using Grinding machine for diamond tips.
11.Using Laser machine for OEM Logo

12.Using electron microscope for cutting edge checking
13.Package and delivery

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