What Is Tool Life?

People have many different opinions for tool life definition. for us, tool life is the reference value that how many applications can be processed for one cutting tool. this is not just about the time.

Then you might want to know what tool life can be affected by? 

There are Cutting Heat, friction and cutting resistance. and those three fatal factors are increasing when you start increasing cutting speed. 

Cutting Heat depends on cutting speed, depth of cut, shape and attrition rate of cutting tools. Inefficiently cutting, the chip will take off 80% or 90% cutting heat. 

For cutting speed, In general, the wear rate will increase by 50% if you raise 20% cutting speed. raising 20% feed, wear rate will increase by 20%. Raising 50% depth of cut, wear rate will increase by 20%. 

A coin Has two sides.

In the correct range of parameters, if linear velocity increased, it can decrease plastic deformation and raise cutting heat which can reduce work hardening of the workpiece and low the hardness of application. 

In the correct range of parameters, the Increasing feed can reduce the cutting time to improve tools life.

In certain applications, the PCD tool life can exceed carbide cutting tool life 50 to 100 times.
Slugger PCD Tipped Turning Inserts
Slugger PCD Tipped Turning Inserts

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